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Weekly Mindfulness Support - The Power of a Thought

Today, Friday, August 23, 2019, is a rare and precious day that will never come again. May you be happy, healthy and well.

On November 19, 1987, my wife and I welcomed with grateful and loving hearts our first-born, Lacey Niché, into the world. If I were a poet, I might be able to describe how I felt. Parents will understand.

After being home with a new baby for only a short time, maybe a few days, an anxious feeling of inadequacy fell over me. “What if she choked?” “What if she gets sick or hurt?” “What will I do?” At 22 years of age, I found that I had no idea how to safely care for my daughter. I was terrified. A thought came to mind that at the very minimum, I should learn some first-aid. I discovered that our local hospital was offering an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course and was starting soon. I enrolled. I didn’t know it at the time, but I met my future boss, Carol.

While in the EMT course, I did a rotation at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Grand Junction, CO. I found myself captivated by the competence, proficiency and skillset the emergency room nurses embodied. Not having a career trajectory, working for my in-laws at their athletic club, the thought came to mind, “I wonder what it would take to become a nu