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The Differences Between Coaching and Counseling  


  • Tend to view clients as healthy and whole 

  • Focus primarily on future goals and aspirations

  • Believe the client has within them their own answers

  • Tends to be more short term 

  • Do Not diagnose

  • Do Not prescribe treatment plans 


  • Tend to view clients as suffering from an illness/affliction

  • Focus is more on past trauma affecting current lifestyle

  • Also works to inform clients of their condition

  • Tends to be longer term

  • Diagnose

  • Prescribe treatment plans   

In its simplicity, the above juxtaposition in no way accurately reflects both professions. There are many similarities. Will I ask about your past? Yes. Will a counselor help you achieve future goals? Yes. I feel that it's important to keep in mind that just because one is struggling with fear and anxiety, it does not mean they are ill. If fear and anxiety are preventing you from taking part in a community play, I can likely help. If fear and anxiety are preventing you participating in life and taking physical care of yourself, please seek the help of a professional counselor. If you aspire to be more present in your life, I can help. If your unawareness is leading you to forget to turn off the gas stove, please seek help from a counselor. If you desire to be more compassionate with yourself and others, I can help. If you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, please seek a counselor. My point: context matters. The primary difference that I want to stress is that coaches do not diagnose, nor do we prescribe treatment. Coaches are here to help to design and support your agenda. 

Common themes inspiring one to seek a Coach

  • I have a goal in mind that has thus far been elusive

  • I'm experiencing a general dissatisfaction and desire to make my life more purposeful and meaningful

  • I'm looking for balance

  • I want to be more successful 

  • I can't seem to say no and I'm already overbooked

  • I can't seem to say yes and I'm actually quite bored

  • I want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, read more, watch less TV, etc. 

  • I want to be more attentive and focused

  • I want to cultivate more meaningful relationships

  • I want to live with more peace and calmness

  • I want to stop the endless pursuit of happiness and be happy


As a Mindfulness-based Life Coach, I may ask you to explore:

  • Your Values and the qualities of life (and/or business) that you define as meaningful

  • Your Attentiveness

  • Your Motivations

  • Your Emotions 

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