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Inspiring Life Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is not what I thought it was. It expands far beyond the benefits of stress relief and present moment awareness. Not that these qualities are unimportant, they certainly are. But, to constrain the usefulness of Mindfulness to these two benefits alone dramatically reduces the advantages of a daily practice.


Traditional Mindfulness was based in three higher teachings: Wisdom, Ethics and Concentration. Together, they help one to live with attention and intention cultivating a fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life. 

I offer comprehensive mindfulness instruction which includes these traditional three higher teachings.



"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."

Wilfred Arlan Peterson 

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This In-Person 

Course Starts:

Thursday, August 17

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (PST)

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Mindfulness Foundations Course 

Course Location:

  • Leaven Community Center


       5431 NE 20th Ave

       Portland, OR 97211

Course Dates:

  • Begins Thursday, August 17, 2023

       6:00 PM - 8:30 PM PDT​

       We meet for 8 consecutive weeks on Thursdays

Course Overview:

Session One:

Introductions and overview of course

The Four Keys of Mindfulness and how they help us cultivate mental and emotional balance.


Session Two:

Attention and Happiness

The focus on the first key of mindfulness – Attention. We discuss why attentiveness is invaluable and how meditation fosters present moment awareness. We'll distinguish between stimulus driven pleasure and genuine happiness. 


Session Three:

Attention and Values

This week we continue discussing Attention and introduce the second key – Values.  We look deeper into mediation and its benefits and additionally examine the role of values and how they contribute to our flourishing.


Session Four:

Values and Wisdom

In the fourth week we continue with Values and introduce the third key; Wisdom. In the second half, we investigate how we try to predict happiness and examine how our expectations influence our perspectives.


Session Five:

Continue with Wisdom

In this session we discuss perceptions and motivations and how they create suffering. We find an antidote to this suffering through a Mindfulness practice. 


Session Six:

Continue with Wisdom

This week we examine how a limited lack of perspective leads to harmful and inaccurate judgments. We also discuss the pervasive effects of emotions and how they negatively influence our decisions.


Session Seven:

Wisdom and Open Heart

This session is dedicated to Relationships. We discuss how a Mindfulness practice fosters positive mental states and also introduce four attitudes which promote a rich and meaningful life. 


Session Eight:

Cultivating an Open Heart

Focus is on inseparability and connection. We explore our personal roles and reflect on how the Four Keys of Mindfulness helps us to live meaningful and purposeful lives, with attention and intention.     

Course Description:

The Mindfulness Foundations Course expands beyond the principles introduced in the Four Keys of Living Mindfully. As it is described by the Mindful Life Program, "The Foundations Course combines the practice of meditation with the application of mindfulness in daily life. Our goal is to help you to live your life with attention and intention, cultivating the skills that empower you to make healthy choices that are in alignment with your values and that are meaningful to you. The course is designed to be practical and accessible, allowing anyone, with or without a background in mindfulness, to participate. The course is also designed to be universal so that anyone can benefit from mindfulness, regardless of cultural, economic, or spiritual background.

The Mindfulness Foundations Course is much more than a mindfulness meditation course. It is an intensive mindfulness program that integrates the four key areas of mindfulness:

Attention – Developing attention through meditation training.

Wisdom – Understanding one’s biases, labeling, projections and pre-judgments. Increasing emotional intelligence and learning to respond rather than react.

Values – Living a meaningful life. Developing healthy habits and responses that are in alignment with one’s personal values.

Open heart – Developing healthy relationships and connections. Cultivating skills of compassion, loving-kindness, empathic joy, and equanimity.

In order to live a meaningful life and develop the freedom to live consciously, the curriculum focuses on training the mind and cultivating the ability to make healthy choices that are beneficial to the life you want to live. In this way, you can live your life with attention and intention. This course consists of lectures, meditations, small group discussion, journaling, and short video presentations. Our teachers create a safe environment for participants to explore their own values and learn to apply practices to live in alignment with them."


The inspiring 20 hour Mindful Life Program's Mindfulness Foundations Course is offered in Australia, Canada and throughout the United States. 


  • FREE Though I 've been a certified MLP instructor for 6 years, I am currently engaging in another year of teacher training . Offering two course practicums at no charge is part of my training requirements.   

What's Included:

  • 20 Hours of Comprehensive Mindfulness Training

  • Supportive Online Component

  • Course Companion Journal

  • Book: The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life

        by John Bruna


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Four Keys
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This 6-Week Course Starts:


Course Description:


This Six week online introductory course combines eight 30-minute videos produced and taught by Mindful Life Program (MLP) co-founder John Bruna, along with six live Zoom classes facilitated by certified MLP teacher Dan Piquette. The 90 minute live Zoom sessions will help to support you in establishing a comprehensive mindfulness and meditation practice as well as expand upon and clarify course content. 

What’s included:

  • 9 hours of live-remote online discussion sessions

  • 8, 30-minute videos hosted by the Mindful Life Program

  • Downloadable Four Keys companion journal

  • 28 Days of Meditation Course also hosted by the Mindful Life Program

  • 2 months membership in the new Mindful Life Community platform


  • $200

  • $150  Refresher Course for those who have Previously attended the Four Keys of Living Mindfully, the Mindfulness Foundations Course, or a Mindfulness in Recovery certification course from any MLP Certified Instructor.

The Four Keys of Living Mindfully

$150.00 - New Participant 

 Registration Closed

$90.00 - Previous Participant 

Registration Closed

Scholarships and payment plans are available

Contact me for more information 

Four Keys Testimonial 


“This amazing course facilitated by Dan changed the direction of my life. After COVID hit I was completely knocked off balance in my life in a way that terrified me. I signed up for the Four Keys of Living Mindfully to try to put some Mindfulness into my mostly mindless life. The weekly 90 minute live Zoom sessions opened my mind and heart to how truly incredible a Mindful life could be with enlightening and inspiring discussions. The readings, videos and assignments in between the live sessions provided the foundation I needed through real world practice and application. The 28 day guided daily meditation practice sealed the deal. It provided me with the accountability I needed along with encouraging and clear instruction to make meditation a daily nourishing habit in my life. This course started me down the path of a Mindful life that amazes me every time I pause to take stock of how far I have come and just how much I have grown.” ~ Christy R. Oct. 2020

"The only thing that separates the person you are, from the person you want to be, are the actions you take."

John Bruna

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Course Test

Course and Facilitation Testimonials

"Dan's Mindfulness Meditation Turn It Over Workshop was a welcome retreat from my head down/elbows flying life. It gave us all a rich opportunity to pause and consider how we might practice mindfulness in our days in order to quiet the cacophony around us and inside our own heads, and to care for ourselves in ways that are bound to ripple out from our lives as care for others and the planet. Dan created a safe container in which to do this deep work. He nourished us on all levels, including a delicious and nutritious meal and lots of healthy snacks throughout our time together. We had ample opportunity to meditate, reflect on our experiences, and interact with each other. The pace was perfect--just the right amount of information was presented with plenty of time to absorb, practice, and integrate it. I have left similar workshops in the past with a feeling of overwhelm and hopelessness for my own ability to actually change my behaviors and my life. I left Dan's workshop inspired, replenished, and hopeful about my ability to be more present in my life, with a handful of very clear and useful tools with which to do the work of change. Wonderful." ~  Mary D. Aug 2018

"Dan’s mindfulness class proved to be well worth my time.  The material on learning how to keep our actions in line with our values and learning how to do the breath-focused mindful meditation really helped me solidify things I have been working on for several years.  I haven’t previously spent much time zeroing in on what my values are, and the exercises really brought me quite a bit of insight.  As to the breath meditation—learning to set thoughts aside and focusing on the breath instead—helped me to be able to set aside negative thoughts that arise while I’m working.  This enables me to focus on the task at hand rather than how much I’d rather be doing something else!  There is much more to the course than what I mention here, and I will keep exploring and developing the concepts into my life.  Dan is a wonderful, compassionate teacher and very accepting of people from all walks of life.  I highly recommend Dan’s course!" ~ Terri T. Oct 2019 

"Dan is a steady, reliable, inspired guide into the realms of mindfulness. He is organized, clear, encouraging and a beacon who clearly practices these simple techniques himself. Grateful Grateful." ~ D. D. May 2019

"Dan is a great teacher and listener. The course helped me improve my mindfulness in meaningful ways. I will be taking it again." ~ Paul D. May 2019

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