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Weekly Mindfulness Support – Internal Environmentalism

Welcome to this glorious Friday, September 20, 2019. This is a rare and precious day that will never ever come again.

I’ve been wanting to share in more detail about what motivated me to establish the Turning Leaf Foundation for quite some time now. Considering last evening’s deep conversation, it’s time.

As I mention in my online bio, after spending four years studying the environment through the lens of ecology, two years exploring environmental philosophy though the lens of food and social justice, and a seven year mindfulness practice, I discovered that the external environment is an accurate reflection of the internal environment. Though I am not the first, I tend to consider myself an internal environmentalist.

While I was finishing up grad school in 2016, I was bitter, angry and righteously judgmental. Over the previous six years, I was made aware of incomprehensible exploitative and oppressive treatment of the environment – people, places and things. Though I would never have told you, most of my anger was due to the fact that I could not deny my contribution to the unfathomable destruction. I changed immediately and saw that you didn’t. I became righteous and was quick to poin