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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Golfing Woes

Hello and welcome to this glorious Friday, March 12, 2021. Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again.

I had a recent golfing experience that reinforced just how much our inner state of being is often influenced by outside circumstances.

I played golf when I was younger, much younger. My mother used to take me golfing with her and her friends. There I was, a 10-year-old boy playing golf with 3 to 4 “old” ladies, or so it seemed at the time. I can’t help but to think about the Sesame Street lyric, “which one of these is not like the other?” That would be me. Nevertheless, as a youngster, I played a good game of golf. I could hit the ball straight and quite far for being such a little tyke. In my middle school years, I recall being able to make par on a few holes during a round of golf. I enjoyed the sport and as I look back now, I especially enjoyed the time with my mom and her friends.

Once I got into high school, I lost interest in golf and became curious about other things. Golf fell to the wayside. In my early twenties, while in nursing school, I found myself chasing the white ball again. Though it had been a while since I had swung a club, I maintained the ability to hit a straight ball and felt good about my score. Until recently, though returning to golf had crossed my mind, I hadn’t played again.

A couple months ago, I drove by an estate sale and saw a set of clubs. I passed them by. Throughout my day at work, I thought about how fun it might be to reengage in the sport. I got $20 in cash and told myself that is all I would spend. Sure enough, $20 is exactly what they were asking. Fate!

I decided it would be wise to hit a few balls on the driving range before I took on 9 holes. I couldn’t hit the ball straight. I “topped” a few. I think one even went backwards. After a bit, I found a semblance of my former swing. Over a few weeks and a few rounds, I started to feel pretty confident and remembered why I enjoyed golf in the first place. Outside. Light exercise. Green grass. T