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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Delicious Pie

Welcome to this glorious Thursday, September 26, 2019. How do you want to show up for it? It will never come again!

Roughly six years ago I heard my teacher, John Bruna, say, “the deliciousness is not in the pie.” Reflecting, I see how for many years I underestimated its implications and depth.

I wouldn’t consider myself a baker, but I’ve made (and eaten 😊) quite a few blueberry pies. Thinking about the ingredients, in addition to the blueberries, lemon juice and sugar, not once have I added a cup of delicious, a half-cup of amazing nor a couple table tablespoons of OMG. So just where does the deliciousness reside? In me.

Good and bad, for instance, is defined by one’s subjective experience. If we take a close look at our life, we’ll discover that we associate more with the subjective than the objective.

For a couple minutes, think about what y