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Weekly Mindfulness Support Blog - Start Anew in 2022

Hello and welcome to Friday, December 31, 2021. Happy New Year’s Eve my friends. Let’s make this last day of the calendar year meaningful!

If creating positive change were as easy as reading a book on it or wishing it were so, we’d all be the person that we aspire to be.

Must of us can relate to committing to a resolution only to see it fall to the wayside shortly after the New Year. We tend to believe that if we apply enough effort, we can think our way out of unhealthy habits. However, if the habitual nature of our mind is the source of the problem, we can’t use the very same mind as our solution. This is like trying to fill up a flat tire without fixing the hole, trying to stop stripping screws using the same worn-out screwdriver by applying more force, or trying to eat healthy while continuing to shop at convenient stores and fast-food restaurants. If we want to embody the change we seek, we’ll need new tools for living and guidance on how to use them.

While an elite athlete may have a natural aptitude for their sport, they didn’t get to stand upon their podium because they did it all by themselves – they had guidance from mentors, coaches, and trained professionals. Why would being incredibly successful at life be any different?

We tend to think that we know what is best for us. Nevertheless, despite all our wisdom, profound ideas, blood, sweat, and tears, we often find ourselves feeling defeated and unhappy. Our very own mind is our greatest obstacle to success. We need outside help.

As a qualified and certified Mindfulness instructor and Life-Coach, I offer comprehensive Mindfulness courses that provide you with practical skills and tools that help you learn to live more skillfully. These courses are grounded in the four keys of Mindfulness: Attention, Values, Wisdom, and an Open Heart. There just so happens to be a Mindfulness Foundations Course starting on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

If you’re looking for a more personal experience, I also offer 1:1 and couples Mindfulness-based coaching and mentoring. Calling upon my formal training and ten years of personal Mindfulness practice, I’ll empathetically walk with you on a path that you define as meaningful.

Personal development is not easy. I offer my clients accountability and if requested, daily support through phone, text, and email. I have mentors who provide these services to me, and it works. Changing in positive and beneficial ways and developing new healthy habits takes time, patience, and dedication – things that our mind is typically averse to. On January 1st, our mind is all in on our New Year’s resolution. On January 20th, however, not so much. It doesn’t matter if our behavior is unhealthy and unbeneficial, our mind would rather do what it’s used to doing. Habit. Though you may feel stuck, you are not!

You don’t have to live this way!

I could go on and on here telling you all about how I’m learning to let go of unhealthy habits and how my life is meaningful and fulfilling thanks to a comprehensive Mindfulness practice, but I’d rather help you to experience it for yourself.

You can do this! You are worth it! Wishing you all the very best in 2022!

You are Loved by me, Unconditionally!


Contribute to the Turning Leaf Foundation

If you would like to help bring Mindfulness to the less fortunate and to help pay for current services, your generosity is deeply appreciated.

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