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Weekly Mindfulness Support Blog - On Dying ll

Hello and welcome to Saturday, September 25, 2021. Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again. Today is a day that did not come for my dear friend, Leslie R., to whom this week’s Mindfulness Support is dedicated. Thank you, Leslie, for enriching my life!

Leslie passed away on September 19th from an aggressive form of colon cancer. He was 37. Upon sharing this sad news with some of my closest friends, I heard a common response, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” I know that this comes from heartfelt empathy. I know that they are expressing care and concern and acknowledging the gripping pain associated with death and dying. In no way am I trying to minimize their earnest condolences. In writing this, I’m concerned that it may seem I’m being insensitive to the trauma of losing a spouse, child, friend. Though I have experienced the death of a parent, many close friends, and family, the loss of a spouse or child is not something I’ve had to endure. With this pain in mind, I still can’t help to wonder how it is that we can lose something that doesn’t belong to us.

With the acknowledgment of the raw emotions surrounding the death of Leslie, this week’s Mindfulness Support is an invitation to explore a different way of thinking about death, and how we live our life.

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