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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Be Kind

Welcome to this glorious Friday, November 13, 2020! Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again.

I find it interesting that I’m writing about Kindness. It’s as if we need a reminder to be kind to ourselves and to one another. I suppose this holds true with all these Weekly Mindfulness Support letters. I’m confident that we have this wisdom within us: be compassionate, be thoughtful with your words, be present, be kind, etc. And yet, here we are.

Being kind is one of those truisms that we were supposedly taught in kindergarten. Yet from time to time, we find ourselves doing or saying things that are unkind, hurtful, and even cruel. While there was a time in my life when I felt justified in calling someone an idiot, for example, the negativity of those thoughts slowly ate away at my well-being; it didn’t matter that I had no awareness of this moral decay. When I do slip nowadays, when I say or do something unkind, it never feels good. I recognize meow how destructive unkindness is to our being. And because each of us are interrelated and inseparable, this individual negativity is destructive to our society. It behooves us all to be more kind.

I’m starting to see how, similar to pretty much everything else, learning to be more kind is a skill to be cultivated. Whatever we practice, we improve. This holds true with our unhealthy and unkind habits. The more we practice those, regardless if done unintentionally, we find ourselves becoming quite good at doing things that are unkind. If we gossip