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please, don't shout

hello and welcome to this glorious friday, october 2nd. today is a rare and precious day that will never come again. if you have something that you need to say, please, don’t shout.

each thursday evening at 7:00 pm (pdt), a dedicated community of lovely people join me in group meditation. before we begin, i ask the participants if they’d like to share a recent joy or concern. what is shared during this time often becomes the topic for a post-meditation discussion. what was shared last evening by one who i consider to be a dear friend has become the inspiration for this week’s mindfulness support – lamentingly, “i’m so tired of all the shouting.” this is for you, n. thank you for your passion.

driven by certainty and justified indignation, divisiveness continues to rip this country (and world) apart. everyone wants to be heard. unfortunately, with all the shouting, so many have stopped listening. as it has been recently seen in globally televised events, social media, news and in protest, many have resorted to shouting. shouting doesn’t make one heard. in fact, the more we yell and holler, the less is heard. yet, here we are – shouting.

please, don’t shout.

there are times when a thunderous yell is appropriate: a distracted child wandering towards a busy street, for instance. in most cases, however, shouting is detrimental to true communication. in this destructive way, shouting isn’t isolated to thunderous speech. when we criticize others and their beliefs, we are loudly telling them that their opinions don’t matter – that they don’t matter. like us, they want to be heard. and valued.

please, don’t shout.

another form of shouting is defensiveness. when defensive, we’re sending a booming message that we don’t care about another’s view. with crossed arms and