Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching

Though it may feel like it, Life Coaching is not therapy. You can read about the differences here. Life Coaching is co-creative process. I help you create the positive changes you want to manifest. As a Life Coach, I recognize that you are perfect, exactly the way you are. I am not here to fix you - you are not broken. I am here to help you attain what you seek. 


Using a Mindfulness-based approach, I'll draw upon the tools of values clarification, attentiveness, wisdom and introspection to help you clarify your goals. In applying these skills, you'll learn to identify and overcome the obstacles inhibiting your growth thereby fostering success. 

Through deep listening and intuitive thoughtful questioning, I help you discover the wisdom within yourself which leads to your transformation. I'll compassionately motivate and hold you accountable to your self-designed plan of action. 


If you would like to read more about coaching you can do so here. 

"Most goals people set are not achieved because they are not held accountable for them. When goals are made in private they tend to fall off because people stop being motivated, stop focusing and stop prioritizing." 

Bola Onada Sokunbi

Coaching Testimonial 

"If you are in need of a life coach, you can rest-assured you will have an inspired, compassionate listener who will bring new perspectives to the table... your table. He listens intently. His intuitive abilities guide the conversation in a gentle way if you need it, or direct if you so desire. He is transparent. You can trust him completely. You know who you are talking to. He walks the talk. He not only practices what he preaches, he knows why he does it and is enthusiastically sharing his gratitude with the world. You can be sure you will not waste your time or investment in working with Dan. He is the real deal. And watch out - whether you find yourself accomplishing new or long-time goals in working with Dan, you just might have some fun too! Give yourself the gift of working with Dan. I did and I am so glad. I've told Dan this, and I'll say it here - he makes the world a better place. With his guidance, you can too. Even if it needs to be done first in your own heart. Enjoy and live to your fullest potential." ~ Kerry M. 2019


Coaching Rates

I do my best to keep my Mindfulness-based coaching services affordable. I offer 20% of my services at a reduced rate or pro bono. Please contact me to find out more.   

The number of coaching sessions you choose to use are entirely up to you and are largely defined by your goals or your intentions. We can discuss this during your free first session. 

Until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, all coaching session will be done over the phone or online via Zoom.

Personal Coaching

$85 per 50 minute session

Multi-session discounts paid in advance:

4 sessions -   10% discount = $ 306

8 sessions -   20% discount = $ 544

12 sessions - 30% discount = $ 714

16 or more -   40% discount = $ 816

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