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Weekly Mindfulness Support - What Meow?

Hello and welcome to this glorious Friday, March 13, 2020! This is a rare and precious day that will never come again.

Ok, so I sat down earlier today and started writing about Fake News – there is too much misinformation out there to know who to trust. But this distorted media business was only a segue to my focused topic – how we tend to believe everything we think, whether it’s an accurate reflection of reality or not. Our very own mind feeds us a live stream of Fake News.

Though I was enjoying writing about this, I took a break.

I was informed this morning that the schools are shutting down, churches are suspending services, businesses are temporally closing, and people are being advised to stay away from groups. I have also been seeing stories about emptying shelves of dry goods and non-perishables. I felt like the prudent thing to do would be to get a few extra supplies, just in case.

The Monmouth WinCo was packed – barely a parking space. Inside, I saw no-one rushing around, “panicking,” but there was a palpable feeling of disbelief, and fear. Those that I talked to were quite friendly and many people offered a smile, yet in their eyes was a look of disillusionment. I suppose I saw that because that’s kind of how I felt. Are we being bamboozled? Is this really happening? Something is happening!?!?

I’ve read many quotes from people who are a lot smarter and more grounded in reality than I am, who are each suggesting that the panic from COVID-19 is creating more problems than the virus itself. True or not true, I don’t know. This is big, or at least our response to it seems big. Here again, I don’t know.