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Weekly Mindfulness Support - We Are What We Eat

Hello and welcome to Friday, January 10, 2020! This is a rare and precious day that will never come again.

I remember hearing, “you are what you eat,” at a young age. Being a teenager and knowing everything, I really didn’t care. I ate what tasted good and made me feel good. That’s all that really mattered at the time. Being as privileged as I am, I still pretty much demand that my food to taste good and make me feel good. Though I must admit, I sometimes pay for good tasting food in ways you don’t want a detailed explanation on!

But there are some painful details I feel like I should share.

I sometimes wish I could unlearn what I was taught in my environmental studies and food and social justice coursework. It makes eating very difficult! I learned so much about the detrimental effects of our current industrialized global food market that when I go to the store, I find myself being very picky about what I purchase. When I buy things that taste good but were produced in such a way that undermines the health of our environment, I feel sick. Just like after I eat unhealthy food. My stomach turns, and well, you know the rest.

I eat mostly a vegetarian diet. I can’t stomach the incomprehensible way non-human animals are treated in confined feeding operations. Not just for the animal’s sake, but also for my own. I believe that the essence of what I consume is transferred to me – their experience becomes mine. If they suffered, I’ll suffer.

I’m also nauseated when I consider other detrimental aspects of our food production system: land and water degradation through chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide use, eutrophication, desertification, genetic modification, nutrient depletion through overuse, the exploitation of people – farmers, slaves and underpaid and overworked migrant workers, rainforest destruction, extinction of plants, insects and animals, loss of biodiversity through monocrops, food waste, the remarkable contribut