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Weekly Mindfulness Support - There's More To Meditation

Good day, good people. Welcome to this glorious Friday, September 13, 2019. This is a rare and precious day that will never ever come again.

Although less true now (thank goodness!), my life has been an extreme example of needing to change the way that I feel not later, but now! Right now! Of course, my parents and many other wise people tried to tell me that good things come to those who wait. I heard that patience is a virtue. Phooey! Why would I possibly wait when I can have it meow?

If we look at the world we live in, pretty much everything we desire is right at our fingertips. Once considered seasonal foods are now available any time of the year. I remember getting a box of grapefruit as a Christmas present – it was such a treat to have this summer delight in the midst of winter. It was like magic! It used to take some early homesteaders a few days travel to get basic supplies from the nearest town. These days, we can have groceries delivered to our homes in just a few minutes.

The way meditation is sometimes being marketed and perceived, many tend to think that if they meditate, they can have peace, now! Well, you can. This good feeling inspires us to continue to keep coming back to the cushion. Nevertheless, I get concerned sometimes because I don’t think that what’s advertised does meditation justice.

I read about meditation in popular magazines how we’d feel better and have less stress if we all meditated – the world would be a better place. Yes, meditation can produce an immediate sense of peace. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. There is nothing wrong to wanting to feel peaceful and calm, right now. What I didn’t realize in the beginning was that there is so much more to mediation than this immediate sense of calmness.

Because I was so focused on the pleasurable feelings I’d sometimes experience with meditation (which inspired me to keep co