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Weekly Mindfulness Support - The Last Goodbye

Hello and welcome to Friday, January 24, 2020! This is a rare and precious day that will never come again. We are not promised a tomorrow.

Imagine how much different a goodbye would look if you realized that it may be your last goodbye.

It’s been my experience that most people are uncomfortable talking about death. I know I used to be. I felt it was morbid and saw no real use in talking about one’s demise. I would have told you that I wasn’t afraid of death when in fact I was – I was terrified. I remember my first experience with death. I was eight years old and recall seeing the still, cyanotic, sunken eyed man who was once my grandfather in his white linen-lined casket. It haunted me for years. I knew it was him, but it wasn’t him. I didn’t understand. I just believed death was something to be avoided and no-one in my circle wanted to talk about it. I sure didn’t.

Today, I feel that we don’t talk near enough about death.

Death is a much bigger concept than our own demise. If we think about it, each passing moment, is passing. No, Really! Each moment literally dies with the emergence of each new moment. We only get to experience each moment once! We all intuitively know that everything changes. Nevertheless, as we navigate our day, we tend to forget not only the impermeant nature of our own existence, but of each moment. Imagine how much more you would likely engage in your day if you were to consistently call to mind that whatever you are doing may in fact be the last time that you’ll ever get to experience it.

Calling to mind that my life (and all that is) is impermeant and today may in fact be my last, is one of the most inspirational Mindfulness exercises that I do! But it didn’t start out inspirational.