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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Stories: Stones and Sand

Welcome to this glorious Friday, November 22, 2019. How do you plan to engage in this rare and precious day that will never come again?

As most of you know and some of you are attending, I’m facilitating a day-long silent meditation retreat tomorrow. There’s still room 😊 Earlier this week, I sent out the schedule along with a few other suggestions. Not long after, I received a few emails and messages from attendees stating how grateful they were for this opportunity and offered genuine appreciation for me and my efforts. As one who has done a lot of work to overcome the harms of insecurity, these compliments were greatly appreciated and validated my intention for offering this event. These (sometimes inflated) comforting feelings stayed with me throughout the afternoon. Then!

That evening, I received an email from a group of folks who signed up together stating they needed to cancel. Bam! Insecurity. Low self-worth. Fear. All the warm, fluffy bunny and kitten feelings from earlier in the day, gone. Just like that. I discover that I’m doubting myself, my abilities and thoughts of canceling the whole thing infiltrated my belief that it was going to be a very special day. It didn’t matter that these fine folks who canceled didn’t offer a reason as to why. They just canceled. With no evidence whatsoever, my mind made up a story. It had to be about me!