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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Start Anew

Welcome to this glorious Friday, October 11, 2019. This is a rare and precious day that will never come again!

Yesterday, I woke feeling grumpy and tired! Getting out of bed felt like pulling myself from a tar pit. The further I got from bed, the harder the sticky strands tried to pull me back. An old friend refers to these as, “gravity strings.”

Eyes half-opened, I managed to put grounds in the coffee press and water in the kettle. I made my way to the gas fireplace so that I could heat up a bewildered near-freezing cat – eyes crying, “why would treat me so poorly?!?!” Next to the mantle are some Oracle Cards designed by Sonia Choquette. The sixty-two-card deck offers poignant suggestions to help overcome your ego and live in harmony with your Spirit. My China-residing friend-girl loves these things and in them finds much meaning, inspiration and direction. I love seeing that in her. Me, I never really felt a calling. Nevertheless, when DC left, she asked if I would pick her Oracle Card each day. I lovingly accepted. I figured why not pick one for myself. So, I have been. Yesterday I picked, “Start Anew.”

This has been a theme my teacher has stressed since I met him. In his literature and guided meditations, he reminds us that each moment is a new moment. And, in each new moment, we have an opportunity to begin again.