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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Let Go

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Hello from the rejuvenating Indian Hot Springs located in the historic mining town of Idaho Springs, Colorado. I hope that you’re all doing well and are enjoying your rare and precious lives on this glorious June 27th, 2019, a day that will never come again. I sure am!

Floating in the nurturing 100-degree waters of the Indian Hot Springs, arms outstretched, and feet supported by an aged stone pool edge, I recalled a 25-year ago experience swimming in Colorado’s largest body of water, Blue Mesa. My ego got me into trouble. It could have been devastating!

During a multi-family shoreside picnic, my niece and her friend invited me to go swimming in the lake. The lake is cold! I figured they’d jump in, splash around a bit, get cold and rush out. No, they had swimming plans. I’m not a weak swimmer, but I wouldn’t say I’m a strong swimmer. They jumped in and started freestyle stroking away from shore. Not wanting to appear weak and egotistically needing to maintain my illusional self-cherishing status as the, “he can do anything uncle,” I hesitantly followed in pursuit.

Blue Mesa a big reservoir! In places it’s a more than a mile wide and its 26 miles long. When the winds kick up, like they were on this almost ill-fated day, 2 – 4-foot waves are not uncommon. To keep this story short, a remarkably long way from shore, I got tired. Very tired. As the girls kept swimming strong, I turned back in a panic. Thrashing towards the shore, I got weaker and really scarred. With cold waves choking me, sucking in water trying to breathe, I didn’t think I could make it back. In that moment of despair, a very unexpected yet clear and distinct voice said, “turn over – float!” I did.

Like the residual air in my lungs that kept me afloat long enough to regain strength and composure, we always have a residual store of peace under all the turmoil that naturally arises in our lives. And with this peace comes clarity. Whether our challenges are a manifestation of our own ego or by the natural consequence of being alive, we always have the enduring peace within us. When we are present, we have access to the wisdom telling us to let go of our struggles, even if it’s only for a brief respite to regain strength and composure which brings about clarity and direction. It’s always there and is usually telling us to let go and take it easy.

When struggling, take a breath, turn it over and start anew being guided by your residual inner peace and clarity.

After I left the pool, I made my way to the healing vapor caves. But I’ll save that story for next week.

I love each of you and there isn’t anything that you can do about it.

Colorado Blessings,



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