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Weekly Mindfulness Support - It Makes Sense

My life makes sense to me. The lives of others make sense to them. Our lives make sense because our perspective naturally arise out of everything we’ve experienced.

I grew up in the Catholic church. I formed my opinions and ideas about what it meant to be a Catholic through all my experiences associated with that religion – some were traumatic. In response to these difficult situations, I developed strong negative opinions and an aversion to the Catholic faith. For much of life I could see only the problems associated with religion. In fact, I often looked for evidence to justify my thoughts about the church.

There are many others, including my wonderful father, who have found joy, security, and guidance through the Catholic Church. For many years I couldn’t understand why. I figured that they were either blind or were denying the [obvious] cruelties and injustices that I experienced. In my naïveté, I judged the people who lived by Catholic doctrine as shortsighted hypocrites. I’m grateful that today I can see beyond my experience and can recognize the beauty and usefulness of the Church. As it turns out, the Catholic Church is bigger than my experience of it.

As I was growing up, a fraction of my worldview was formed by the discussions we had, or didn’t have, around the dinner table. My worldview was also developed by the town in which I lived, the schools I attended, and th