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Weekly Mindfulness Support - For the Benefit of Others

Welcome to this glorious Friday, October 23, 2020! Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again. What do you say we think about others?

How many have helped you to become the person that you are today? When I think about this question, I get overwhelmed.

For generations upon generations, to some extent, countless others from all around the world have contributed to your life; your family, the people who grew your food, your teachers, those who built your homes and schools, and well, considering our interdependence, this list could go on forever. We have been supported by an infinite number of beautiful souls, human and otherwise. I often wonder if any of those who helped support us, think about, and recognize how they have contributed to our lives and helped us to grow and thrive. Do we think about all those who, through our actions, we might benefit? Our actions have rippling effects.

Whether we are aware of it or not, I’ve come to believe that everything we do, in varying degrees, affects others. What if we were to be Mindful of this inseparability in everything we do?

Though as a child I did a poor job of following through, my parents, teachers, and the religious denomination I belonged to, taught me to consider the well-being and rights of others before my own. I was, however, way too self-absorbed to put this wisdom into action. This doesn’t suggest that I wasn’t helpful and of service. I most certainly was in so many areas of my life. Nevertheless, when push came to shove, it was me before them.

As I look around at what is happening in our beloved world, in one sense, amidst all those who have and continue to put others before themselves, there seems to be a resurgence of self-preoccupation – an extreme selfishness to protect one’s own personal interests and comforts. This often comes at the expense of another. It may be that I’m hyper-aware of this self-obsession as it is so familiar to me in my life