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Doin' Our Best

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hello and welcome to this glorious Friday, May 22, 2020! Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again. How do you want to live it?

Towards the end of earning my Master’s degree at Oregon State University, I had the privilege of hearing Deepak Chopra speak. While I don’t agree with everything he spoke of (yet), he did say one thing in particular that eventually rescued me from overwhelming resentments and agonizing remorse. Speaking from the LaSells Stewart Center stage, Chopra said, “People are doing the best they can given their level of awareness.” It sounded good – compassionate. I wanted to believe it, but I just couldn’t. Not yet anyway.

I had just spent six years studying ecology, environmental studies and environmental ethics. As much as I wanted his statement to be true, considering what I learned, I just wasn’t buying it.

Calling to mind the sixth extinction happening before our eyes, the oppression of people – slavery in the twenty-first century, economic disparity, the exploitation of land, and of course climate change, surely mankind was not doing their best! Certainly, there was more we could do! I felt like we needed to learn more, work a little harder, sacrifice a lot more, stop being so complacent and make some damn changes. Come on already people!