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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Diligence

Hello and welcome to Friday, January 3, 2020! This is a rare and precious day that will never come again.

Happy New Year my friends!

My ending to 2019 was a blessing. I was graced with five silent days to reflect on my precious life and design a plan of action for 2020. Much was revealed! Never would I have imagined that I might spend New Year’s Eve in silence at a Catholic Convent listening to a Buddhist talk about living a meaningful life through being of service.

While I’m not going to share a complete account of my time in retreat, I witnessed something on the first night that I thought was quite incredible. John Bruna, my long-time teacher, friend and retreat facilitator asked us to introduce ourselves by name, where we are from and our intention for being there. There were 36 of us attending. After we finished, about 20 – 30 minutes, John remembered every single name. As we all sat in astonishment, he humbly stated, “It helps to pay attention.” What did I do? I started comparing myself to him thinking, “I probably shouldn’t be a mindfulness instructor because I can’t do what he just did.” This thought led to my first intention for 2020: stop comparing myself to others – it’s unhelpful and destructive! I've come a long way! But this intention is not what I want to focus on today. What I want to focus on is taking action, diligently.