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Weekly Mindfulness Support - Circles of Gratitude

I often wonder how many people take a moment to reflect on the expanding circles of causes and conditions that created the life they’re experiencing today. I wish it weren’t the case, but it seems like so many of us focus on what we don’t have, how life is unfair, and how we’ve been mistreated more than we focus on gratitude for everything that we do have, and, for all that we are.

We couldn’t experience this precious life without a body. Sure, it may not resemble what our society and media tragically define as beautiful. It does, however, house our mind, and our spirit. In all its wonderous complexity, it allows us to move about, experience incredible sensations and emotions, and gives us the capacity to act on our thoughts. Our body is what gives us life. How often do we have gratitude for this miraculous form without which we could not experience anything? How often do we take for granted this body which came from the earth and one day, will return?

We couldn’t have this body, this life, without our parents, and all the generations before. Though we’ve all had different experiences with our parents, without them we could not exist. Some of us were raised by people other than our biological parents. We were, nevertheless, raised by someone. As infants and small children, we are helpless. We are utterly dependent upon help from others for our very survival. Someone in your past cared enough about you to provide for your needs. How often do we call these people to mind and thank them for our life?