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Weekly Mindfulness Support Blog - Pay Attention

Hello and welcome to Friday, November 12, 2021. Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again. Do your best to make it meaningful.

As one who was diagnosed with ADHD, I recall being told to, “pay attention,” on what seemed to be a daily basis – especially in school. While I was told many times to pay attention, I don’t recall ever being taught how to pay attention.

We don’t learn how to read a book by being told to read a book. We are first taught how to read. The same holds true for math and science and baking. If we want to bake really good bread, we learn how from a skilled baker. If we rely solely on a written recipe, we may get all the ingredients close to what is called for, but our bread may not turn out like we imagined.

Though the recipe seems to be straight forward, much of it is up for interpretation. If a recipe instructs you to knead the dough for fifteen minutes, for example, this assumes that you have been instructed on how to knead dough and that you do it exactly the same as the author. Even though our mind may tell us that we are doing it correctly, many of us are not.

I clearly remember my teenage years and the certainty I had towards my belief that I needed no help from adults. Ignoring parental and other’s advice, I knew what I thought I wanted and used handpicked ingredients to create my own recipe for life. Wise elders, phooey! Many of us tend to bring this immature, egotistical thinking into our adulthood. At least this is true for me. Just like baking a loaf of bread without guidance from a skilled instructor, much of my life worked out, but not in a way that I had envisioned. I’ve found that it’s best to have a mentor for life.

Akin to me being told to, “pay attention,” we can’t just be told, or aspire, to be mindful, for instance. We need to be shown how to cultivate Mindfulness. There are many different pathways to becoming Mindful. Just like doing an online search for bread recipes, you will find some that are time tested and have great reviews, and others that don’t work well even though it claims to be the “best ever.” Additionally, without clear guidance from the one who published the recipe, there is room for interpretation. You can certainly explore Mindfulness on your own, try different recipes here and there, and you will most likely benefit. You won’t, however, get the same outcome as you would if you had a skilled mentor.

Like bread, we each have our preference for the kind of life we want to live. There are many paths to living a deeper, more meaningful life. This week’s support is an invitation for you to explore the path you’re on and to seek guidance from someone who inspires you – someone who bakes the kind of bread you enjoy. Whether your current journey be one of religion, philosophy, creativity, or Mindfulness, find a guide, coach, or mentor to help you make more informed decisions so that you can attain your goals and the life you aspire to live.

As always, I’m here to help.

You are Loved by me, Unconditionally!


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