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Weekly Mindfulness Support - An Inner Light

Welcome to this glorious Friday, January 22, 2021! Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again.

Behind the curtain of furrowed brows and finger pointing is a divine inner light. Without exception. Regardless of how a person acts, underneath the conditioning, the biases, the anger and the hatred, there is an undeniable spirit which shines within each of us.

When we recognize this light within others, even scandalous criminals, though we hold them accountable for their actions, we treat them with care and concern, compassion, and with respect. When we lose sight of innate goodness, we feel justified in their mistreatment. We tend to refer to these reduced individuals as “slime,” “scum of the earth,” and even “animals.” It’s easy to have no compassion for and to discard scum. But it’s difficult to treat people in such a way if we even remotely recognize their innate value – their inner light.

I can only speak for myself, but in the past when I said unkind or even cruel remarks towards anyone, even if at the time I felt like they deserved it, I always felt a little unsettled once the intense emotions subsided. There was this little voice saying, “that wasn’t very nice, Dan.” No, it wasn’t. Nevertheless, in my rage I felt justified.

I see a lot of furrowed brow finger pointing lately. Maybe it’s always been there and I’m just meow seeing it as an observer. As a result of my Mindfulness practice, I find myself with more patience, tolerance, love and understanding. Though anger does arise within me when I witness cruelty and ill-will, my first conscious thought tends to be one of compassion. I have come to understand that people who act out with hurtful behavior are doing so because they themselves are suffering. Could they have lost sight of their own light? If I think about the times in my own life when I harmed others, when I said and did things that I later regretted, I know that these actions were born out of pain, discontent, fear, and/or insecurity. Those times when I was hurtful, I was hurting. When humans are happy, have their needs met, and are experiencing the warmth of their inner light, they are not breaking into cars, exploiting people or being cruel and unkind.

Darkness thrives on darkness. The more we frown and point our fingers, the more we reinforce dark behavior and broaden the division between us. Anger is a normal emotional reaction to unkind and cruel behavior. Anger, however, is not a beneficial response. It’s time to heal. And we are healed by honoring the warmth of our inner loving light.

The more we’re in touch with our own inner light, the more we can see it in others. The more we see it in others, the brighter our own light shines.

This week’s support is an invitation to let your inner light shine and to recognize that everyone, regardless of what they believe or how they act, has the same inherent light. Work to let go of divisive opinions, look for the light hidden behind the eyes of those who upset you. This next week, I invite you to practice respectfully responding to those who irritate and anger you as if they embody the same inherent inner light as you. They do.

You are Loved by me, Unconditionally.

Honoring our Inner Light,


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