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Finding Inner Resilience

Hello and welcome to this glorious Friday, July 31, 2020! Today is a rare and precious day that will never come again. Can you enjoy what you do enough that would inspire others to join you?

I believe in my heart that we all care about the environment. On some level, I am convinced that no one wants to intentionally destroy the very planet that sustains us. But what of the ongoing environmental destruction, exploitation, and the apparent blatant disregard for the call to action? Considering the ongoing challenges, the seeming indifference, apathy, negligence, and complacency, how do you sustain your role as an activist, and, at the same time, your sanity?

There was a time in my Environmental Ethics graduate studies when I became pathetically angry over the state of the world – melting glaciers, bleaching coral, rising seas, forced labor, global hunger, systemic poverty, plastic, genetic modification, fear mongering, racism. I could go on. My point is: everywhere I looked, I found problems. Problems that seemed solvable. I was on fire and was ready to fight for what I believed in – peace, equity, sustainability. The fire, the anger, the condemnation, the criticism, and the desire to control and manipulate a failing world back into a state of harmony nearly destroyed me. The fight, it beat me.

Most of us can only fight for so long before we become bodily, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. Fortunately, I discovered a different way, a way to effect change through inner sustainability and resilience.